2011 Holiday Cookie Baking Schedule

Due to at least one fortunate vacation break I am going  to mix some of the holiday cookie recipe doughs in advance and freeze them. This is so that I can accommodate another possible trip and be ready for our annual Christmas party on December 3rd.

When I return from the vacation(s) I can then thaw the recipe and continue with baking them off and complete everything by December 3!

October 5 Prepare Hazelnuts
October 6 Linzer cookie recipe  Dough
October 7 Chocolate Pinwheel cookie recipe dough
October 8 Chocolate Drizzle spice cookie recipe dough
October 12 Spiced Cardamom cookie recipe dough
October 13 Chewy Molasses Spice cookie recipe dough
October 14 Chocolate Peppermint cookie recipe dough
October 15 Lime Cornmeal cookie recipe dough

See something you want? Let me know.

2011 Christmas Cookies – First Shopping Trip

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