On Moving and Macarons

If any of you have moved in the past while you will know what a wrench a move can throw into your life. My recent move was no exception.Despite having moved into the new place on May 24 just yesterday we unpacked that last few boxes. Whew.

Getting to know a new kitchen is a challenge as well. Of course nothing is where you need it for a few weeks and after many re-organizations to make it just right you can finally get your kitchen groove in. I may be finally settled into the kitchen by September!

View from the new Balcony

And so now that the kitchen is underway it is time to tackle a new challenge. Macarons.

I have never made Macarons before. I have been lucky enough to have some in Paris. They were so so at best. The best Macaron I have had was at Le Panier in Seattle. Having said this I have only had less than a dozen Macarons in my life.

My biggest challenge has been to find ingredients at a decent price. My food processor will not grind the almonds small enough and here in Canada almond flour is almost as much as gold. While in the US a few weeks ago I was able to source some Bob’s Red Mill Almond flour at a decent price.

So…. Now to actually make the Macarons!

Using 3 recipes in 2 books I intend to find the best recipe for my location. I am using the recipes in I love Macarons and Martha Stewart’s Baking Handbook. 3 Different methods and varied ingredients.

Macaron Inspiration

What’s your idea of a perfect Macaron?…Let me know!!

I can’t wait to see what works! More to follow……

The biggest “Macaron” I have ever had in Paris.

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