February 2015

Back to baking adventures. I am going to try and change things up a little. We all read foodie blogs that show step by step showing how someone produced something spectacular. I look for hints and tips to making my baking experience better.

With that said, I am going to post my final pictures of what I was able to make along with my comments with a link to the original content. I’ll follow that main page with a jump to the progress pictures. Hopefully this change will be a good one. In the case where I am making an original recipe, or substantial changes to an existing recipe, I’ll be sure to list the whole recipe so that you can try it too!

Below is a picture from the recipient of a Christmas cookie box that I send out every year. Thinking back I have made at least 30000 Christmas cookies to send out over the years.

As always I want to hear your questions and comments.

Bon Appetit

A Tray of about 1/2 of the Cookies in my Annual Christmas Cookie Box

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