Inspiration….. Victoria, BC – Smoken Bones

Recently I had the opportunity to go to Victoria BC. Living in Vancouver, Victoria is just a short ferry ride away.During our stay we searched for a place for dinner one night. Not know the city, we drove around looking for a restaurant. We came across Smoken Bones. The restaurant passed our test of a restaurant actually having customers! At 5:30 PM the restaurant was hopping. We knew it was good.

We had a great meal.

Then it came time to decide on dessert. We were full but noticed Bacon Ice Cream in the menu. We hummed and hawed and decided that we were not going to have any dessert. When our server returned she asked us for our order. We explained that dessert was not in the cards for us that night but asked about the bacon ice cream.

Our server explained it was really great! We declined. Then our server said she would bring us a taste! WOW.

Smoken Bones
Smoken Bones – Bacon Ice Cream

The Ice Cream was really great. Vanilla Ice Cream coated with finely crumbled bacon and probably pork cracklings. WOW! A great blend of sweet & salty. Now to figure out when to have this at home.

June 2020 – Sadly Smokin’ Bones has closed for business

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