Meyer Lemon Curd

Earlier this spring, while shopping at our local warehouse store, we picked up a basket of Meyer Lemons. I had a couple of things in mind as the 5 pound basket hit my shopping cart.One idea was Meyer Lemon Curd. This recipe can be found on Martha’s website.

Meyer Lemon Curd – As a Macaron Filling

For this recipe I used:
1 Cup of Whey Low Granular sugar substitute
Zest of 3 Lemons
3 Large Eggs
4 Large Egg Yolks
1 Cup of Meyer Lemon Juice
5 Ounces of Unsalted Butter

I stared by zesting the lemons with a microplane. Thankfully I only needed to zest 3!! Then I juice the lemons to make one cup of juice.

Meyer Lemon Curd -The Zest

For a recipe to move smoothly I always find it easier to gather all of the ingredients together in the proper amounts.

Meyer Lemon Curd – The Ingredients

In the food processor I added the Whey Low Granular and the lemon zest and ran the machine until everything was blended well together.

Meyer Lemon Curd – Zest and Sugar Mixture

Next I placed the sugar mixture and  all of the eggs and egg yolks into a medium  bowl.

Meyer Lemon Curd – Eggs & Sugar Mixture

Over a pan of lightly simmering water I whisked the eggs and sugar continually until the sugar had dissolved. This took me 10 minutes.

Meyer Lemon Curd – At the Start of the Heating Process

Once the sugar has been thoroughly dissolved It was time to add the lemon juice. I continued to whisk until the mixture was thick and the temperature measured 160˚. This took me 8 minutes.

Meyer Lemon Curd – Adding the Lemon Juice

Once the mixture was thick and to temperature I moved the bowl to a sit on a damp kitchen towel and then I whisked in the butter a bit at a time until everything was well combined.

Meyer Lemon Curd – Adding the Butter
Meyer Lemon Curd – Perfectly Mixed

I then moved the warm lemon curd bowl and rested it inside a larger Pyrex bowl some ice in it and carefully added cold water to the outer bowl. I gave the lemon curd a few stirs with the whisk. I took some plastic wrap and covered the bowl ensuring the wrap was clinging to the top of the lemon curd. It was then time to chill both bowls in the fridge for a couple of hours.

Meyer Lemon Curd -Ready for the Fridge

This Meyer Lemon Curd is great for a bunch of things from cake fillings to a thinned sauce. It tastes great on toast too!

Baker’s Notes:

  • I am not sure I would buy Meyer Lemons again
  • the bowl over the pan gets really hot – be prepared
  • the recipe says to prepare a water bath at the beginning. I found I had the bowl too full of water so doing it at the end was my solution

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