On Pictures and Cameras

I have been dabbling with the blog for a bit and the pictures I have taken have been great. I have noticed that I  need to have a better eye when taking pictures.A couple of things have slipped through recently. Firstly the wine bottle showing in the mixer pictures on the Chewy Chocolate Pinwheel Cookies. While the Pinot Noir was excellent with dinner the night before the picture was taken, the fact that the dead soldier was in the shot was both amusing (to me) and disappointing.

Another recent gaff was in the skinning hazelnuts post. The problem was the background printing on a Silpat under the hazelnuts that were cooling. The printing was showing upside down. Too funny looking back on it.

The cameras I have been using for the blog are:

Sony DSC-HX9V and Canon AS 570 IS

Canon AS 570 IS


iPhone 4


I love all of them but for different, but equal reasons. The Canon was my first real camera that had good really good resolution and features. I took some 6000 pictures on my trusty Canon, but alas the lens retraction mechanism started to fail and needed replacing.

My iPhone is great . Excellent resolution and always handy and therefore a great thing to grab when my main camera is not easily available.

My newest acquisition is theSony … .Amazing Camera. HD & 3D video recording. 16 MP camera and great other features. With an extra battery and a fast charger this camera has become my favorite.

I hope you like the pictures. Feedback is always appreciated.

Happy Baking – And Eating!

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