Kamuela Provision Company – Hilton Waikoloa Big Island of Hawaii

On Saturday night we found ourselves at the Hilton Waikoloa around dinner time. We though we might check out the food offerings.While wandering we ended up in a tower lobby and asked a concierge to book us a table at one of the restaurants. She tried to get us into the Kamuela Provision Company. Her system showed they were completely full

We made our way to the restaurant anyway. Once there we checked at the hostess desk and were advised they were indeed completely full. They did offer us a spot on the small deck that was serviced by the lounge. Perfect we thought.

The deck had 6 tables and looked out over the bay. We were sat just as the sun was setting. We couldn’t have planned it better.

Dessert was pretty great. We ended up ordering a baked Mauna Kea and a Coconut Creme Brulee.

Hilton KPC – Baked Mauna Kea
Hilton KPC – Coconut Creme Brulee – in a coconut shell

More pictures form the rest of dinner after the jump…..

Hilton KPC
Hilton KPC – Shrimp Cocktail
Hilton KPC – Kalbi Short Rib
Hilton KPC – Steak with Spinach
Hilton KPC – Dessert Menu
Hilton KPC – Sunset with a whale show.

Sam Choy’s Kai Lanai – Big Island of Hawaii

We had the good fortune to eat at Sam Choy’s Kai Lanai in Keahou last night. A Friday night dinner out with an awesome view was on the list. Sam Choy’s provided it. Dessert was the “Award winning Kai Lanai Chocolate Cake” – a flourless chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream.

Sam Choy Kai Lanai

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Sam Choy Kai Lanai – Sunset
Sam Choy Kai Lanai – Sunset
Sam Choy Kai Lanai – Lighting the torches
Sam Choy Kai Lanai – Let there be fire
Sam Choy Kai Lanai – Greens with Asian dressing and Maui Onion Soup
Sam Choy Kai Lanai – Char Soey Rib appetizer – apologies for the mis-spelling
Sam Choy Kai Lanai – Fish Trio
Sam Choy Kai Lanai – Short Rib
Sam Choy Kai Lanai – Dessert menu
Sam Choy Kai Lanai – The buzz….

Fairmont Orchid – Big Island of Hawaii

Tuesday’s lunch was at the Hale Kai Restaurant at the Fairmont Orchid Hotel on the Big Island of Hawaii.We were lucky enough to be seated at the front of the restaurant for a seaside lunch.

At the end of the meal we ordered a Kona Coffee & Vanilla Ice Cream Cake and a Aztec Spiced Chocolate Mousse along with a pot of french press coffee.

Both were pretty good!

Fairmont Orchid  – Kona Coffee & Vanilla Ice Cream Pie
Fairmont Orchid – Aztec Spiced Chocolate Mousse

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Fairmont Orchid – Hale Kai
Fairmont Orchid – The view
Fairmont Orchid – The Burger
Fairmont Orchid – Prices were not for the timid

Four Seasons Hualalai Sunday Brunch – 2013

Yesterday I had the great fortune to have Sunday Brunch at the Four Season Hualalai on the Big Island of Hawaii. I had previously visited a couple of years ago.The brunch view looking over the ocean is amazing and the food is great as well. One of the high points from my last visit was a Macadamia Cinnamon roll. I couldn’t wait to have one again.

I eagerly snapped one up for the first coffee of the day! Sadly the recipe has changed. It appears that a basic cinnamon roll is cooked over a bed of macadamia nuts. While good…. they not as amazing as they were before.

I have worked out the old recipe and will publish it when I come home.

Four Seasons Hualalai – Sunday Brunch

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Four Seasons Hualalai – The view from the table….

Inspiration….. Mestres em Doces Conventuais Lisboa

I stumbled across Mestres em Doces Conventuais – “Masters of Dessert” – while shopping in the mall of the Expo area of Lisbon.What pastries! Masters indeed!

Mestres em Doces Conventuais – Dig the Moorish head dress
Mestres em Doces Conventuais – Famous custard tarts
Mestres em Doces Conventuais – Palmier covered with Sweet Egg, Papiros
Mestres em Doces Conventuais – Eggs of paradise
Mestres em Doces Conventuais – Food of the Gods, Bacon from Heaven, and Brown Eggs (Chestnut Eggs)
Mestres em Doces Conventuais – Some kind of egg custard filling in a shell. Do you know?
Mestres em Doces Conventuais – Divine Gluttony

If I have labeled anything incorrectly just let me know!

Inspiration….. Silver Sea Tea Time

One of the great things when I was on the Silversea Cruise earlier this year was Tea Time.

Not only was there a spectacular view off the rear of the ship the pastries and sandwiches were excellent. The best part were the scones, clotted cream and jam. The scones, warm and tender, and the clotted cream thick and fresh just put the whole experience over the top.

Silver Spirit – Sandwiches…Pastries….and the View!
Silver Spirit – Plain and Raisin Scones, Jam, and Clotted Cream

Inspiration….. Victoria, BC – Smoken Bones

Recently I had the opportunity to go to Victoria BC. Living in Vancouver, Victoria is just a short ferry ride away.During our stay we searched for a place for dinner one night. Not know the city, we drove around looking for a restaurant. We came across Smoken Bones. The restaurant passed our test of a restaurant actually having customers! At 5:30 PM the restaurant was hopping. We knew it was good.

We had a great meal.

Then it came time to decide on dessert. We were full but noticed Bacon Ice Cream in the menu. We hummed and hawed and decided that we were not going to have any dessert. When our server returned she asked us for our order. We explained that dessert was not in the cards for us that night but asked about the bacon ice cream.

Our server explained it was really great! We declined. Then our server said she would bring us a taste! WOW.

Smoken Bones
Smoken Bones – Bacon Ice Cream

The Ice Cream was really great. Vanilla Ice Cream coated with finely crumbled bacon and probably pork cracklings. WOW! A great blend of sweet & salty. Now to figure out when to have this at home.

June 2020 – Sadly Smokin’ Bones has closed for business

Inspiration….. Silversea Silver Spirit Transatlantic Part 4

Another great stop we had was at Casablanca. We took a tour to Marrakesh. From Casablanca the bus trip was just over 3 hours on way.Our tour included a lunch stop. Dessert was a 2 course event. Fruit then pastries.

Silver Spirit – Marrakesh
Silver Spirit – Marrakesh
Silver Spirit – Marrakesh

During the day tour we saw other sights that might be of interest:

Silver Spirit – Marrakesh – Marzipan
Silver Spirit – Marrakesh – Nut Pastes
Silver Spirit – Marrakesh – Nut Vendor

Inspiration….. Silversea Silver Spirit Transatlantic Part 3

Another stop we made was on the Island of Gran Canaria in the Canary Islands. It was a great day. We had a very long walk – 15 miles. Sadly it was a Sunday and 95% of the island was closed up.On the high street we did pass a great bakery – Mendoza – with interesting goodies:

Silver Spirit – Gran Canaria
Silver Spirit – Gran Canaria

Inspiration….. Silversea Silver Spirit Transatlantic Part 2

One great stop we made on the cruise was the island of Santo Antao – Cape Verde. A very small, very poor island. The tour we were on stopped in a town called Ponta dol Sol. A very small town on the opposite side of the island from where we docked.We stopped in a small restaurant for a fish and chicken lunch.

Desert was one of the best we had on the trip. A caramel flan with local bananas and apples. Yum!

Simple yet awesome.

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