The List is out!

This years baking list includes:

Shortbread                                 Chocolate Crackles
Oatmeal Toffee Cookies           Sweet Cardamom Crackers
Pecan/Cherry Biscotti               Feine Lebkuchen
Orange Poppyseed Spirals       Peppermint Bark
Chewy Gingerbread                  Cherry Chews
Almond Crescents                      Bourbon Pecan Chews
Butterscotch Cookies                 Cherry Surprises
Pecan Squares                             French Almond Nougat

Along with list above:
At least 2 dinner party desserts,  2 Birthday Cakes, Christmas Dinner Desert, Holiday Party dessert for 20.

All this before December 25 with a 2 week personal break and a long weekend shopping break.

Baking Ingredients

Added by special request: Carrot Cake Cookies and Mince Meat Tarts

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