Valentines Day Around Vancouver

Chocolate Mousse Kitchenware

While gathering my last bits for a great Valentines dinner I was able to talk a walk around the neighbourhood to see what was on offer.

Way to go Whole Foods & Cupcakes!

Urban Fare

Urban Fare
Urban Fare – Be Mine Cookies

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South Van Produce Vancouver
South Van Produce Flowers – Now Closed
Denman Market  Vancouver
Denman Market Flowers
Windsor Market Vancouver
Windsor Market Flowers


Chocolate Mousse Kitchenware Etc.


Chocolate Mousse Window
JJ Market Vancouver
JJ Market Flowers


Daniel Chocolate Belge


Daniel Chocolate Belge – Window


Whole Foods
Whole Foods –  Vancouver Cherry Pie


Whole Foods – Rose Petals
Whole Foods – Valentines Quiz
Whole Foods Expert Help
Cup Cakes
 Cup Cakes – Mobbed
Cafe Thierry
Cafe Thierry – Busy front and Back Inside

December 2020, Sadly Chocolate Mousse in Vancouver has closed.

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